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The 2009 Royal Rumble Discussion Thread

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The 2009 Royal Rumble Discussion Thread Empty The 2009 Royal Rumble Discussion Thread

Post by THE-KING-OF-KINGS on January 25th 2009, 2:34 pm

I'm posting this a little early, but I'm getting it out of the way. Of course, the standard rules apply as with all of the discussion threads:

1. Thread will be opened an hour before showtime.

2. Don't make 500 threads, just discuss the show in here.

3. Don't be cunts.

Here is the current PPV card:

The 2009 Royal Rumble Discussion Thread 30068_PPV_RR_aff_ban_300x450

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

John Cena (c) Vs. John "Bradshaw" Layfield

JBL will be accompanied by Shawn Michaels

WWE Championship

Jeff Hardy (c) Vs. Edge

ECW Championship

Matt Swagger (c) Vs. Matt Hardy

WWE Women's Championship

Beth Phoenix (c) Vs. Melina

The 2009 Royal Rumble Match

List of Announced Entries:

1. Triple H

2. The Big Show

3. The Undertaker

4. Vladimir Kozlov

5. Shelton Benjamin

6. Randy Orton

7. Cody Rhodes

8. Ted DiBiase Jr.

9. Kofi Kingston

10. Rey Mysterio

11. The Miz

12. John Morrison

13. Santino Marella

14. Kane

15. The Brian Kendrick

16. R-Truth

17. Carlito

18. Chris Jericho

19. CM Punk

20. Finlay

21. Mark Henry

22. Chavo Guerrero

23. The Great Khali








A blank entry means it has not been announced yet. If it is still not announced by the time of the PPV's airing, it means it is a mystery entry.

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